7 Self-Care Tips for Introverts 

Everyone experiences challenges in life, but for introverted individuals, it often seems like the world is designed for extroverts. For people who struggle in social situations, the emphasis on teamwork, networking, and socializing can be extremely daunting at times. Therefore, a healthy self-care practice is invaluable for maintaining a healthy balance as an introvert. Read on for some pointers from Therapy Directory Online

1. Get Medical Advice 

Introversion is not an illness. It is a preference based on personality that informs nearly every decision you make in life. But if you’re struggling or feeling stifled by your own mind, then your primary care physician may have some potential solutions. Unfortunately, many introverted people struggle to make and keep appointments, but if you choose an online doctor, you can get affordable professional medical advice from the privacy of your own home. Plus, you’ll have access to a wide array of treatment options, and you can get your prescriptions filled quickly. 

2. Start a Fitness Routine 

Truity.com points out that your personality type has a huge effect on how you exercise. If you find small talk difficult, you feel too exposed in a crowd, or you’re easily overwhelmed during long periods of activity, then traditional gym layouts and fitness classes may be more stressful than motivating for you. Luckily, you have some options available to meet your needs: 

  • HIIT: High-intensity interval training programs are short but effective workouts that won’t drain your energy. You can find HIIT instructors online or in your local fitness center. 
  • Solo training: minimize external stimulation by working out alone or in small groups. Don’t be afraid to let your trainer know about your social and physical limitations so they can offer mentorship to help you feel comfortable during sessions. 
  • Outdoor exercise: leave the equipment behind and hit the nature trails for a serene yet powerful cardio session without pressure to perform or interact. In fact, many neighborhoods have high walk scores, which means that you can choose to walk to your errands instead of drive. You’ll save gas, you won’t have to fight for parking, and you’ll get some exercise all at the same time.  

If you want to work on your health and fitness but don’t have time for scheduled workouts, you can make pointed choices that support mobility throughout the day. Try climbing the stairs more often or taking long walks whenever you have a break. 

As a bonus tip, invest in comfortable and functional workout clothing for that extra motivation to exercise! From movable leggings to moisture-wicking shirts (and more), you’ll find yourself wanting to keep moving with supportive clothing. 

3. Get In a Bit More Reading 

Everyday Health explains, immersing yourself in a good book is a wonderful form of self-care. Not only does reading help to reduce your stress levels, it also builds your mind. You will learn new vocabulary and build empathy through great stories. And if you’d rather not go out to find your books, you can shop online and have them delivered, or can always turn to ebooks. Even if they’re in PDF, you can read them on your Kindle, tablet, or laptop.  

4. Spend Time With Close Friends 

You may be introverted, but you are probably not anti-social. You value close-knit relationships and you love hanging out with friends and family. It’s important to cultivate these tight bonds and establish your social group with supportive individuals. Whenever you need to talk, they won’t be far away. 

5. Pursue Your Dream Career 

Your personality and social preferences shouldn’t stifle your dreams. If you want to pursue a new career path in a new field, but the thought of getting a traditional classroom education gives you anxiety, an online university may offer the perfect format for your learning needs. To choose the right institution for you, make sure to research accredited online schools that offer fair tuition rates. 

Or perhaps you have a great business idea that you haven’t had the courage to start. Now may be the time. Many people find that starting a new company provides them an additional sense of confidence and purpose. Plus, developing your own business will allow you to control how much you have to interact with other people. Look into common business structures such as an LLC and the filing requirements with the state before proceeding. If the steps are overwhelming, you can always work with a formation service for a reasonable fee.  

6. Cultivate a New Hobby 

According to Psychology Today, a common trait of introverts is that they become overwhelmed, distracted and fatigued in situations where there are lots of activities happening at once. However, just because you spend a lot of time alone doesn’t mean you are not doing anything. Keep your mind active and engaged by learning something new that requires in-depth focus. For example, you can: 

  • Learn to write code 
  • Practice an instrument 
  • Take up woodworking 
  • Read a new genre of literature 
  • Start a YouTube channel 
  • Get into gardening 

7. Make Your Home Cozy 

Home is where you spend most of your time, so it makes sense to create a cozy oasis in your living space. In addition to comfy furniture, soft pillows, warm throws, and calming colors for the walls, make your bathrooms a welcoming spa-like oasis complete with plush towels and other items to make you feel refreshed and pampered.  

Set Your Goals and Pursue Them 

Introverts are often misunderstood, as you likely know. Being introverted is not a weakness, but you may care for yourself in less common ways. Find the right ways to establish a healthy self-care routine that fits your personality and lifestyle. And don’t be afraid to pursue your bigger goals, like starting your own business. As long as you give yourself space and time to refresh, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. 

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