The Counselor’s Dilemma: Do I Hire a Content Writer or Do I Write my Own Content?

Finally, I am a counselor. I’m all excited (and nervous!) about getting my name out there… but then it hits me, I have to come up with content for a website? Social media? Blog posts? And what is this SEO thing? …I am a counselor! I want to counsel, not write (that includes writing an inordinate amount of documentation, but that discussion is for another time!).

I’m not confused as to whether I should make a great website and improve my presence on social media, but who should do the writing? I begin wondering, am I the right person to tackle crafting my own content?

The ultimate question is, to hire or not to hire? (Yes, this is supposed to sound bold like “to be, or not to be” from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet!)

I think I can, I think I can

So, I’ve decided to write my own content. Afterall, I do know myself best. If I write my own content, I don’t have to spend time educating someone about my profession and what I want to convey in my writing.

Through my writing I want potential clients to get a sense of who I am as a professional. I want them to trust me enough to reach out and schedule an appointment. I want the content to be relatable, authentic, and to showcase what I have to offer!

Whoa! Hold the Phone! On Second Thought, I Seriously Can’t Write Anymore!

I am considering paying a content writer to do this work. After all, I am a counselor, and writing content is not my jam (if you need more reasons besides “I just don’t want to,” scroll back up and remind yourselves the amount of documentation I have to do! That should explain why I am hiring out).

Ok, there are a couple more reasons why…I am pretty talented at many things but understanding what content should be on my website or social media or in my newsletter is not where I want to spend my time. (Again, what is SEO?!) I also just don’t have time. I prefer to spend my time with my clients, but I understand that the best way to let my potential clients know that I even exist is through content about me and my services online.

Wait! There’s Another Option?

I heard about this thing called a “dual approach” and I am intrigued. First, I find a writer that understands my profession and my potential clients. Next, we schedule some time to connect and develop an outline for the work I want done. The writer crafts the piece and gets it to me. Lastly, I have to opportunity to modify it to make sure my voice and personality are in it!

It looks like there are several choices! Whew! Now, to make a decision…